dejas, kas rodas no idejas | idejas, kas rodas no dejas

Contact improvisation for intermediate

catching moments
playing within movement
enjoying a common dance
appreciating the bodymind
simplicity and happiness
adrenaline and calmness




We’re having CI activities ~ every second Sunday. The activities are changing- one Sunday a month there is a CI class+jam for the intermediate, the other- the open jam. You can find a kind of forum at our facebook page (mostly in Latvian though…)

Inese Upe started to prosper CI and create it’s community since 2006. Her experience of improvisation and contact improvisation starts in 2001 via improvisation, instant composition and CI workshops in Europe and organizing guest workshops in her own country. Inese integrates improvisation and somatics in her classes, mixed with lightness, deep listening and some dose of playfulness. Inese’s teaching is inspired by improvisation, qigong, falungong, bodywork, a bit of basic acrobatics, such teachers as Nancy Stark Smith, Malcolm Manning as well as her profession of body oriented psychotherapist


Sundays, 18:00-21:00

01.03 lab- what’s that?

[08.03 Authentic Movement]

29.03 lifting and flying ease

[12.04 Authentic Movement]

26.04 trios

[10.05 Authentic Movement]

17.05 open theme– up to our wishes



I-DEJAS MĀJA, the independent centre for dance and personality

60 Lāčplēša street, 2nd floor (entrance from the yard) | map


take with you
comfortable clothing for comfortable movements. the drinking water and the shower possibilities are at the studio



10€ for 3hrs | if that’s too little, you can give more, if too much- contact us, we’ll figure out smth ;)


send a note about your coming if you come abroad and we’ll try to help with your stay!

Inese Upe | ci[at]i-deja.lv | +371 29137826



  …a little more about CONTACT IMPROVISATION?

Down here’s more information in articles, pictures and videos.
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with smile- “The Origins of Contact” (4:00′)
Mens’ duet dance performance, using CI base and partnering (8:21′
A wonderful dance performance by Pilobolus (CI base, partnering, acrobatics) (13:56′)
CI performance by Ukrainian CI dancers Sveta and Ruslan (6:46′)
CI performance (05:20′)
CI in Argentina (0,46′)
a wonderful CI and acrobatics combination by Pilobolus (13:56′)


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